RDQLUS is on a Mission

The approval of a collaborators after the wrap is more than a simple pat on the back.

I've been in the identity design & creative game for a decade and a half now, and the importance of brand integrity is always tops on the list for every client, every project. As you've probably read here, RDQLUS Creative recently dropped a limited-edition collaboration on my "RGC" imprint with the international messenger bag company, Mission Workshop.

In the wrap-up of such a project, it's of utmost importance to me that my collaborators—who have shown good faith in my skills and my brand—are able to be proud of the work done and see it as worthy reference back to their own brands. I was humbled and proud that given the importance of social media and the global and instant sharing of information straight from the proverbial source, The crew at MW were willing to show love on their Twitter feed & Facebook fan page!


I'll be forever thankful and I hope to work with them again to offer another limited-edition collaboration.