Presenting: the RGC "Pedigree" tee

The pencil stands for the basic tool we all start out using in our creative lives, from sketching scribbles to intelligently answering test questions on a Scantron with our omnipresent #2. The sword represents the class of those tasked to protect with honor & nobility, and bred to operate on a level seeingly unattainable save for only those who prove worthy and willing. Neither are faceless, long-range tools. They are hand-held, intimate, close-range weaponry, meant to be used by only the select few who can face a challenge (or challenger) in close enough proximity for the challenge to reach back and touch you.

That is my personally-altered pedigree. I strived everyday to change my stars, but bring with me everything that I am as I embark on journeys that will take me across  mental & actual distances, scaling soul-testing barriers, fighting the good fights, forging ahead when the bravery is necessary, defending my position at all costs.

But if all of that is too much for the quick explanation I'll just say, very simply; "Art & Honor… Create & Defend"

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