RDQLUS Dropshots; 110819

One of the best parts of my "design life" as an independent creative is hitting lunch spots with the varied design counterparts I'm working with on any given day. I'm fortunate to travel the country on speaking gigs, teaching, working with agencies and companies as an identity & branding consultant, but some of the most fun is cruising spots right here at home in "The ONE" (Omaha NE). On this particular day, the design team with the look of a British rock band—The NewBLK—and I hit Jackson Street Pub in the Old Market for tasty goodness. This is me practicing my "get up off my fries, sucka'" look with my dude, Matt Linder (aka "Lindo Calirissian).

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This week, the RDQLUS Creative accessories imprint, 'RGC' released the new piece; the RGC "Pedigree" tee.  It's always a great experience and a lot of fun to send something out into the world that I've worked so hard on. I wonder if the "RDQLites" who get (and rock) their new pieces realize what each item was made just for them? Display your "Pedigree" proudly, my babies… "Art & Honor… Create & Defend"!


I would say sorry for the "food porn," but I wouldn't mean it… so yeah… whatevz. I stopped down at Village Grinder, which aside from the name has the best home-made sammies on the block. But here's a little trick that most might not know; if you are nice and take the time to say a genuine hello to the crew, you just might get the RDQLUS treatment. I have a bad habit of the "oh sh*t!" panic of working past the traditional lunch hour. So I run in for grub and the goods are all gone. Damn. But Patty & the crew are so sweet, that they almost always make me whatever I want—and fresh at that! Yeah, like that! I can front… I go in late on purpose most days just to get the mo' fresh goodness. ;-)


These are the DGs; the "Distinguished Gentlemen" crew. They congregate at the Starbucks in my neighborhood and it's a hoot to listen to these "silver" dudes politic on everything from their career paths and things they've learned, to sports and literature. And each one of them gives a nod or a handshake as they pass me, shooting a bit of approval at the younger classy gent on his creative hustle. I love eavesdropping their convos and getting taken to school on so many issues.



The irony of this simple pictograph mad me chuckle and was not lost on me at all. After sitting thru two fantastic hours of 'Rise of the Planet of the Apes' and being pleasantly surprised at the depth and tone of the story, I rush out to the restroom—having held my crotch like a 7 year-old little boy who didn't want to miss anything for a potty-break—and I am struck my the simple correlation of this sign and the tone of the story reverberating in my short-term memory. I dig how my brain works.


Most people don't realize that most every Starbucks has at least one French press behind the counter. It's this fact that always gives me a "shake my head" moment, when people rant about "Big Brother Coffee" and their menu of assembly-line, non-coffee drinks. Correct me of I'm wrong, but the grinding of whole-beans, pressing the mix, and serving it hot to my table seems very "neighborhood coffee shop," even if they do have an exact button on the register for it.


I love you… Say it back!