All Hail the Princess

Princess Lasertron leave-behind cards, designed by RDQLUS Creative.

Designing for a friend is always a bit of fun. When it's design work for a friend who knows her stuff and is doing big things, it's a moment to step up and swing for the fences. Megan Hunt of Princess Lasertron shot me a look just after the first runway show and almost immediately knew what that look meant; she needed one more piece to polish off the well-rounded presentation of her new 2011 line of dresses. With almost no time to rock it, I had fun taking well-crafted brand elements from "Friend of RDQLUS" Downs Design and amazing photography by Bill Sitzmann of MinorWhite Studios—as creative directed by FashFlood's own (and a RDQLUS fave) Sarah Lorsung Tvirdik. (What's that you say, Omaha… collaboration, much?)

Shouts out to all who did there thing before this even got to me, making this easy to make "RDQLUS."