RDQLUS' Custom Air Jordan IIIs

The Air Jordan "Stealth" gets the RDQLUS remix.

top; Air Jordan "Stealth" III. below: RDQLUS Air Jordan "Storm" III.

As an independent identity designer & creative consultant, the lines between work & life are non-existent which often allow me to share influence and creative mental exercise in all areas of life. Most evident is often my sneaker collection, which is the literal baseline of my wardrobe. There are moments when I study a pair of shoes, being left with the feeling that something is missing or could have been done differently. Now for most, that would be the extent of it but for me it becomes a nagging need to flex the creative muscles.

The beloved Air Jordan III has been released in several colorways this year, the most recent being the "Stealth" colorway. It left a bit to be desired because of the monotone look, but I instantly saw a blank canvas and set about finding a way to complete the look like a project. I studied what had been the staples of the previous AJ IIIs that had been deemed "classic" and what I found were (2) simple traits; the textured "elehant print" pattern and midsole sidewalls have always had contrasting color applied to distinguish them from other parts. Gotcha! So I set about customizing the shoe.

Using techniques—which I will divulge if asked about them specifically—I altered the look of the shoe significantly enough to give it a new name. From the low-key "Stealth" was developed a shoe more reminiscent of a Midwestern squall full of lightning flashes, red skies and dark rolling clouds. I give you the RDQLUS Air Jordan "Storm" III.