RDQLUS Dropshots; 110916

Putting in for a transfer. For my upcoming gallery show at The NewBLK Gallery, I'm featuring a special selection of my "Dropshots" series—many thanks to you for making them a steady visual dietary supplement. I wanted to explore techniques that would enhance the overall view and feel of the show. Using an acetone transfer technique, I was able to create an image that saw a printed photograph take on a painterly, brushed quality. I'm not certain that I'll use the transfers in the show, but they are keepers for sure.

 (more after the red pill)


Sketching is a must for any illustrative designer, but this hearkens back to a time when we all used to practice our new handwriting and dreamt of how we'd sign our names. Well, I had to reach back doing this same thing for the title block of my gallery show. 'MSSNGR' (pronounced: "messenger") will feature photos, poster artwork, and more but it was important to me that my street-art background be represented. So in my own part-architectural/part-graf style of handwriting, I wanted to develop a signature mark using the hand-drawn version of my RDQLUS "Hvy Crwn" logo. 5-pages and 134 signatures later, no. 135 showed itself and I couldn't be happier.



"Pssst… hey buddy!" I was walking to grab some coffee and on the way back to the shop, I noticed this Coke bottle. Now, how I missed it on the way there, I'm not quite sure. But it set itself up perfectly on the way back. I caught a glimpse of it and started laughing hysterically because the bottle looked as if it was some shady little caffeine pimp trying to push his wares on me after I had already acquired coffee. I ran after I took this shot! Kids, I don't talk to strangers!



This was a day for the bizarre. Downtown OMA (Omaha NE) in the Old Market there's a antique collectibles store on the corner of 12th & Jackson. To say their collection is strange would be an understatement, but that's part of the charm of a good curiosity shop. But as I'm walking by, something I hadn't seen before caught my eye and halted my progress with bewilderment; are those ducks? Yep. But why in the hell are they upside down on the… oh, I get it. The blue ceiling is the water and this is all meant to make me a bit crazy right? Well done. Making my rational brain even more dizzy was the ceiling fan sticking out of their "water"… dammit! Now I'm playing along. Kudos, Bizarro World; you've bested me!



I really do appreciate when the tumblers of my strange and beautiful existence fall into place with little effort. Within the span of 3 hours, a flood of creative energy poured right into my lap. Plans to test the afore mentioned acetone transfer on my "Dropshots" saw me readying a few files for printing at my favorite copy shop. But before stopping there, I had a meeting with my favorite merch production shop to make an introduction to a potential client fo them. Out of thanks, I was tossed a hoodie sample to try out at my own screen-printing outfit. On the way I placed a call, dipped over to 'Knghts & Wknds' to test an idea with the new sample hoodie, popped by the copy shop—where a bit of pleasant convo got me gifted a few color prints on the house, and within 3 hours I'm standing at RDQLUS Creative HQ wondering what just went down. Magic & science, that's what.


Oh, and that sample hoodie? Yeah. "Hvy" is the head that wears the "Crwn." ;-)

Love you… Say it back.