RDQLUS Dropshots; 110902

I love dropping sneak-peeks of work I'm doing for upcoming releases on the 'RDQLUS Goods & Cloth' side of the RDQLUS sphere. This particular design had me stumped for a bit, but I think I got it handled. You'll see why when the full thing drops. Stay posted! 

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The 2011 edition of 'Omaha Fashion Week' ran the full stretch of last week, and there was an assortment of good work being shown, and plethora of good vibes. Friends of RDQLUS, Megan Hunt and An Vu are evidence of that. At the finale runway show—during one of the intermission moments—I simply held up my phone to take a candid pic and this is what I got back. My folks are hilarious, but Vu is especially one of my favorites.


To covet goes against a commandment doesn't it? Well, I guess I'm in trouble. This hand-crafted desk set belongs to my homie, Shane B. It was given to him as a gift by his sister (what'up Tiff B.!) who has a killer eye for style and all things even remotely related. I wish we could get a date on it but it definitely has an early-20th Century, Art Neuvo look to it, but hints at Deco as well. Either way, it can't go missing; Shane would know exactly where to look. Damn.


Just down the block from my "ink sink"—aka tattoo shop—there's a beautiful "Mod" style building that sits seemingly unoccupied or at least minimally utilized. Each time I go past, I'm more and more intrigued. I think not knowing exactly what the use or purpose is makes perfect fodder for my elaborate imaginations. But it hints back to 'Brady Bunch'-era "World of Tomorrow" machinations. It would serve as the perfect spot for the headquarters of a top-secret creative consortium of ultimate badassery… if I was into that sort of thing. ;-) (PS: I am!)


 FREE WIFI @ Perkins, bizzos! Word! I had to drop my fly "whip" off to get her windows tinted and instead of waiting in the make-shift lobby—which boasted a couch I think they copped from my grandmas first house and the wafting aromas of sweat and smoke—I hot-footed it up to the Perkins about a mile back for a little brunch (because I'm a classy gent, thank you). (20) emails, (15) tweets, (3) phone-calls and (12) "tremendous" breakfast items later, I was on my way to handle the rest of the day. Shouts out to diners with wifi as strong as the coffee.


"Achilles would have survived the war if he was wearing these." That was my tweet as I took a snap of my classic Air Jordan XV, alluding to the design that incorporates a Kevlar plating in the heel. I suppose my point was that design is everywhere around us and I love being attuned and privy to it, more so than others. I count it as a humbling privilege to see things the way I'm able to. These aren't the most function pair of shoes (they failed as on-court favorites), but the design is undeniably provoking.


I had to run by HQ to see if the shipping department had completed fulfillment on the latest batch of orders for 'RGC'. Yeah, I'm laughing my ass off as I typed that office jargon-heavy sentence. Pulling ink, sewing tags on, pack & ship; I may not be able to continue like that in the future, but for this moment in time it's a very important detail that I am not willing to give up. It directly connects me to those who support 'RGC' and I hope my appreciation shows through such efforts. It's all 360.


What a way to end the week; I got to hang with Mondo Guerra (of 'Project Runway' fame) during the finale of Omaha Fashion Week. He's as gracious as he seemed on television, and far funnier than you could imagine. Yeah, it was just that kind of week in "The ONE." You know how we do it.