RDQLUS Dropshots; 110909

You ever walked into the cooler section at a small neighborhood grocery store or bodega? Okay; have you ever taken the time to simply look up? The space above the cooling unit and the ceiling is often used as makeshift storage, but with strange consistency they are almost always the final resting place for the strangest assortment of oddities worthy of the attic in 'The Goonies'. I love taking a glance above my iced coffee & water fix to see what's up—literally.

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Coffee snobbery is something I am completely guilty of. But how can you really blame me when most of my whole bean coffee comes from a backyard built on volcanic soil, and it's acquired and fired by hand? However there are those rare occasions when I'm even more on the go than I usually am and have to "scoop & swoop" (as my homie E. Downs & I often say). So here's a minor revelation; Mickey Dee's coffee is nice! Just straight forward good coffee. It doesn't carry the cache of a Starbucks, but in a pinch I'm not sure I'd opt for anything else. Stay aware though, they do brew it fast turnover in the morning so that piping-hot cup should stay away from all bucket-seated crotch regions.


Here's a nugget of truth; even my production attire is fresher than your average. Heading out to print the latest run of RGC gear at my print studio 'KNGHTS & WKNDS', I glanced down and began to study my footwear that I usually rock. Now, this is the normal pair I wear and I realize that I have become a bit desensitized because here I am heading to deal with inks and stains that will surely destroy a regular pair of work shoes, let alone a classic silhouette like the 'Nike Air Tech Challenge 2'. But would you expect any less from the "Hvy Crwn"? ;-)


Sticking with the subject of my kicks; not many have the stones to alter/customize a pair of shoes they've paid good money to buy as-is. Even crazier is altering a pair straight out of the box before you even slip your foot in them. Leave it to a designer to say, "Nice try Nike/Jordan Brand, but I would have done this…". Mink oil, a handful of Q-Tips, a bit of finishing spray, an hour on the clock and a fresh pair of Air Jordan IIIs; yep, a typical Saturday morning for the kid.


RDQLUS Goods & Cloth does things a tad bit different than most streetwear brands in that I don't drop a static seasonal line, but rather plan pieces and then stay a bit fluid by previewing looks and then dropping an item per month. First up in the RGC Fall line-up is the "Scholarship" flat-bill cap. A nod to the sporting culture and it's translation into the fashion of street life. But more than just a sporty cap for a gym-rat, it's a nod to being a "blue-chipper" who's sought after and put on scholarship for the skills they posses. Do you fit the "bill?" Check back in two weeks.


One of my favorite pieces of artwork—with or without the t-shirt—is the RGC "Royal Monogram" because of the study and technical work that went into designing the mark. The delicately interwoven lettering of monograms is something I've always loved. Two letters is tough but three is like an IQ test all its own. To do a 3-letter twist is like the design equivalent of building your own light-saber! RDQLUS Jedi much? Aw yeah! Oh by the way, new colors of the RGC "Royal Monogram" will be on deck in the Fall line-up.


House of Loom has been coming with the goods week after week since the day they opened their doors. The hope is that they're rise to prominence in the club subculture is not simply momentum of being "new" but more along the lines of a good thing stretching it's legs. The formula of good vibes and a friendly place to be yourself stems from the history of the "Loom" events for before the venue borrowed from the namesake. On this particular night, DJ J.Flip from Cali was spinning a cocktail of "booty house" that moved even the most stoic of asses. Omahans of all varieties; there's a lot of good & fun things going on in this city, if you care—and dare—to look.


As you stare at this image, you must know this; I am a bro-wizard of the first order (thanks to Dave Homan for that most amazing & ludicrous title)! I sat one evening staring at my iPhone & iPad wanting to FaceTime a friend and test the connection with some good face-to-screen video chatting, but alas, my night-owl ways found me the only one of my crew awake and curious. So what else would a bro-wizard to but weave magic! I FaceTime'd myself. I'm pretty sure I broke the internets for a few minutes, and found water in the 'Andromeda' galaxy. No big deal.