RDQLUS Dropshots; 120113

It has been said that man cannot live by bread alone… Amen! I all too vigorously agree.


"This is ground control to Major Tom…";
This beautiful entanglement of rope, particle boards & forged steal is not an Apollo capsule, but it might as well be. RDQLUS CREATIVE is now the proud co-owner of this stunning contraption, and just in time for the production of the RGC spring 2012 line. I don't want to be a mass-market print shop, and I have so much love & support for the local shops that have helped me along the way so I'll continue to have great relationships with them… but… when it comes to having a short-run of hand-made gear, conceived and produced with much love and care for the details—come holler at me. Shouts out to my co-owner, Brandon Herbel of Make Believe.


Damn right, I'm hash-tagging real life! #Chillmode is my favorite status on & off-line, and I try to keep it going through work as much as play. The real beauty is in those gray areas where the overlap happens. Nothing spoke louder to this point than this week when the owner/craftsman/namesake of Colley Furniture decided to open up his workshop for one of his illusive—and infamous—"ColleyQs." Good food was slow-cooked with much love (and served with as much or more of the same), and people just buzzed about in a low murmur of activity on a Tuesday night. At one point I spot a beautiful old antique trike parked at the base of one particular pocket of conversation where no one felt it was out of place. This shot is a visual metaphor for my life. Love it. [read on!]


I'm getting a lot more sketching and drawing in lately. I'm really digging the flow of energy that I came into the new year with and I'm throwing down lines on everything that comes to mind. There's no better feeling than a handful of pencils, pens and markers and a blank sheet of paper… ahhhhhh, that's the stuff!


And to give credit where credit is due; shouts out to Blick for their closeout sale on art supplies. Coming out of the holiday, I pillaged their 50% (or more) like a design pirate! I had to look over my shoulder walking out because I felt like I stole it all! Hard-bound sketchbook? Check! Mech-pencils & sky-blue Sharpies for the architect in me? Check! Paints for the customizing of kicks? Check! Vickie's Secret catalog… wait… what?! Wrong picture. Sorry.


I get a text message from my homie—tattoo artist extraordinare and fine artist—Dave Koenig, asking if I can pull a quick meet-up with him about some art biz that we might have popping off. Sure, no worries. He's such a solid person with me that I'll make a hole in my schedule for the relationship alone. So you can only imagine my internal beaming of pride, thankfulness and humility when he comes bursting in the door roking his zero-edition, prototype RGC hoodie I gave him and his RGC x Mission Workshop "Rummy" bag. This is why I do it, and people like this are why I keep going.

Stay "Hvy Crwn" down, RDQLites!
Love you… (you know the rest).