RDQLUS Dropshots; 120120

Bliss Bakery (Old Market District, Omaha) does not mess about with it. When you have a cupcake called the "Car Bomb"—as in the infamous nightlife libation, known for causing some memories and erasing others—you know you are in it to win it! in all seriousness, the soups, pecan rolls and pastries are a perfect compliment to the in-house coffee haunt, Aromas. Get some.


One of the staples of the way I design and work is the ability to go mobile—from locally to nationally—and find myself awash in a different environment, taking in all the stimuli of a situation atypical to an "everyday norm." My hope is that my default norm is just this.If you don't know where I'm at in this picture, then good; that's exactly the point.


Windows & Doors: On a 2-block morning jaunt for caffeine, there was just something about this arrangement of portals for goods, people & light that stuck me. Industrial beauty is top-of-the-line for me because the function cannot take a backseat to the form. They truly have to work together and if paid attention to properly, both will stand the test—together, because of each other.


I look at balance a lot as a designer. It's a bit of a curse to alway be translating visual information into design context or communication. After a solid workout, the best part is that 30 seconds of downtime just after a hard final interval In that moment the oxygen is rich on the palette, like your favorite snack, pores are open, your entire body is "breathing" and your vision seems to sharpen as your brain replenishes the O2. In that moment, those 30 seconds that my body is reeling and getting "back to one," I like to sit and notice structures, functions, form, balance. It's usually right after this that a solution to something I was working on clarifies itself beautifully. Love that!


Krug Park… what can I say? Best bar menu in the city. Cool spot to hang with genuinely cool people. Sure it can get a little "hip" at times (if you dig me) but the net take away is a great place for shared experiences in the social landscape. This here is a perfect example; the "Bakon Bloody Mary" is literally a meal in a glass, with it's top garnish of actual beef jerky. The conversations that spawned due to this drink were numerous and made the night a memorable interesting excursion. Kudos, Krug.


After record winter warm-spells here in the "Middy," we finally got the cold snap that we all knew was coming. Aside from the obvious need for warmth in the clothing and fabrics we don, I love layering up just as much for the texture of it as the necessity; Coated wools, shearling & leather linings, embossed tumbled leathers, Japanese denims… and here you thought you could boil me down to simple tees & jeans. Silly you.