RDQLUS Dropshots; 120127

This is my new favorite person. May I present, Jessica Ewald. Budding photographer, currently part of the Minorwhite Studios family, and possibly the funniest person I've met in awhile. Her talent with any lens is beyond remarkable (this is one of her Instagram shots from her iPhone) but more than that, her personality is infectious and her quality—absolutely genuine. I officially only met Jess this week while being captured in video form as the subject of Bill Sitzmann's (Minorwhite Studios) latest installment of "Moving Portraits." After a polite handshake and one of those "yeah, we kind of recognize each other" glances, we fell right in step and you would have thought we'd know each other our whole lives. I love meeting good and talented people here in my fair city. This was an official business endeavor, and yet I left hoping I've made a new friend for life. That's how this thing should go. Never leave empty-handed; exit every situation with something of value and well worth keeping. So, hey Jess; welcome… You're stuck in the land of the 'Hvy Crwn' now, kid! [read more]


I can't really say much more about the current project in this screen-capture beyond, "Uh oh… Stay posted!" I had the good fortune—and rare occurance—to get to work with my tattoo artist, as a colleague, playing creative director to his talent as an illustrator. Dave Koenig is one of the most sought-after tattoo artists in the country and happens to be an amazing illustrator on any medium, with any tool; skin & needle, or paper & pencil. The welcome surprise was the opportunity to work with someone so mind-bogglingly talented, yet equally as classy and humble. Dave approached me with an idea and several beautiful illustrations on paper, sat them down in front of me and said, "do what you do." I love when someone hat that kind of faith in me. Makes me want to slay it for them. This could be a dangerous collaboration, if this preview is any indication.


"So these guys walk into a bar… "
At the latest installment of RDQLUS CREATIVE's "HUMP" event Tyson Reeder (left) and Bryan Findell (right) came equipped in RGC "OMAGOODNESS" tees. Good thing I wasn't rocking mine or that would have looked a little bit planned (mine was in my bag… I had a spare that day—whew!). I gave them a little heat for it, but I was stoked for the great support so they got major love too. I don't think it will ever sink in that good people are walking around, going about their daily lives in gear that I've produced—willingly, without "I have to do laundry, and this is all I have left" being the excuse. Hey B. Findz—next time change that label to "Hvy Crwn Royal" and then we have ourselves a party!


Once again, I'll remark that the level of talent walking the bricks here in "The ONE" is incredible. My good man, Alan Tipp is no exception. As a matter of fact, he may just be the hidden rule. I love a good set of shades, but I also love my flat-bill streetwear caps and the two rarely cooperate with each other. I made a passing inquiry to Alan—the man responsible for Under Armor's line of performance eye-wear designs—about any new styles that are out that could accommodate a hat brim. Well a couple weeks passed, and Tipp & I had to meet up for an upcoming event we are speaking at. He goes into his bag as he always does, and during the course of the meeting shows me some of the new unreleased goodness he's working on. As we get to the end of the meeting and we're packing up, he forgets to put a pair of his beautifully-designed, not-yet-released prototypes away. I motion to them with a "hey, don't forget those," to which he replies, "try them on." Damn. He got me again—my unofficial eyewear pusher keeps me hooked. Try not to be too jealous; you could always come visit OMA and see how we get down here. Maybe I can get you some specs? ;-)


It's rare that I double-up on a person, place or thing in the Dropshots for the week, but I already told you she was my new fave person. I mean, come on—you can see why, right? She's supposed to be lighting the shot, however a smart-assed comment from me elicited an immediate response. You need to get it together, Jess! Oh, and "Get your 'Gram on!"


Who knew that this plastic crown—from a costume shop in Austin TX—would come to mean so much to me and represent me in all of my varied endeavors? It's a silly thing and a seemingly misplaced icon in the wash of the myriad of things I find myself involved in. But if you know me and you've supported me in the way that I move, you know what it means; "Heavy is the head that wears the crown."

For those who support what I do and have shown love and appreciation for how I go about doing it—clients, friends, family—I humbly say "thank you."