RDQLUS Dropshots; 120105

The idea of monograms and initials has lived in my head for most of my life. My interest in medieval & feudal times has stayed with me since childhood. So I had always promised myself that when the time was right, I'd create a calligraphic initial for RDQLUS / RGC. Well, the time hit late one night this week; with good music pouring into my ears, the Almighty Wifebot is bed, and the night stretched out before me with no sleep in sight—the sketch pad and drawing tools came out. The custom "Calligraph R" was born.
(the one I'm inking is the one that will get a full life)  [read on]


On a run for half & half, I decided a shady (in both senses of the word) awning is not a good hiding place from the "Jakes" (police)! Ha! I walk to a corner store reminiscent of a "bodega" about half a block from my studio spot  and I pass these amazing old, seemingly misplaced tin awnings on a meat-packing warehouse in the Old Market. I think its the odd juxtaposition of context—picket fences & packing meats—that makes me love them. There are beautiful angles and moods in the light and shadow all around us and the strange contexts flavors it all that much more.



Citrus Blend; The Almighty Wifebot, TK & I sat down to a lovely dinner and chill-time with each other on New Year's Eve. I loved the proximity and textures of her Riesling wine & my citrus tea pot; the hard & soft of it all was stunning. The little things, you know?


The scene; New Year's Eve, a few good heads from my creative crew, a hidden 3rd -floor 4000 sq. ft. walk-up in a warehouse, a rickshaw, a motorcycle, woodworking equipment, and an abandoned K-Mart "K"… yeah, just roll with me if you want to taste the beautifully bizarre.


I'm a big proponent of collaboration, if indeed it is pertinent and necessary—even by way of accident. When I was asked to do a limited-edition poster for Minorwhite Studios, it serendipitously brought together (3) creative entities with no need for overly dramatic discussion in committee. Minorwhite, Grain & Mortar, and RDQLUS CREATIVE. Well played, folks. It really ain't that hard!


Ahhh, the feeling of comfort and new life in the "lost & found." I have been searching for my lost (and assumed forever) one and only prototype for my RGC "Coffee Shop" Cardigan set to drop this spring. I moped about for the better part of four months, until my good man Shane B. very nonchalantly says, "oh yeah, I found it and just hung it out there (in the coat area) awhile ago." I was so damn giddy, that production went from maybe to "hell yeah!"