RDQLUS Dropshots; 121021


(clockwise from upper-left)

1.) Did you get followed on social media by a gold-medal winning gymnast or a Russian supermodel last week? What about both at once? What about all in one person? No? Awww, sad. I'm not saying I dig it… just saying. ;-) Thanks for the follow, Ksenia D.!

2.) I love it when clients get it! After finishing the new identity for Chicago/West Palm Beach-based "The Pop Foto" early last month, they've run with it and I couldn't be more proud. A fresh new set of decals a few of whic are oversized and being applied to racecars. "Hell yeah!" is all I could muster when I saw this shot.

3.) The time has come to resurrect one of the few things I've designed that I could remotely call a classic. After months of teasing my hometown (Omaha NE / FAA-code:OMA) and hundreds of questions and requests, I've recently paid a visit to the print shop and prep'ed a few screens for the next batch of prints and yes—that one is coming back. "OMAGOODNESS!" Stay posted!

4.) Rolling through 'Vala's Pumpkin Patch," having a great time with my niece and then… WHAT?! That's when we won.

5.) Design is design is design… graphic or otherwise. And the creative spark is more about what I think up than it is aboutWhen my creative wondertwin, Brad Douglas allowed me to play in the sandbox and help develop a new creative think-lab with him, we started to pull in all the things we do—top to bottom. So when I concepted a 2-finger ring shaped like my "HVYCRWN" icon, it was a no brainer to start figuring out small-batch production.