Hash out the Tags

Along side I love to make many things of vastly varied nature, so too keep them all under the same umbrella I've extended the RDQLUS branding by tagging the material goods and products I make under RDQLUS Goods & Cloth. The truth of it is the woven and printed tag market must be booming because they are quite pricey to produce. As I was running out of my last batch of woven tags, necessity indeed mothered invention.

I'm by no means a seamstress (or is it "seamstro" for me, haha), but knowing the characteristics of a variety of materials, I began crawling the local fabric markets for just the right one. It may be a bit time to do this but the payoff is 100-fold, quite literally. Having found a suitable fabric on a major sale, step two was to get the artwork on the fabric. I am a partner in a print shop with access to all the tools needed, so the task was simple and in about an hour—start to finish—I have a stock of over 300 printed tags that I can cut on demand and are up to my own demanding standards which I can ensure because I made them myself.