RDQLUS Dropshots; 121206

(clockwise from the upper left)

1.) I'm on the ownership & dev team for a fantastic new app that I'm excited to bring to light very soon. One of the aspects I really enjoyed was the creation of the icon set for the app. A unique look is the hope, with functionality being the ultimate prize.

2.) It's been exciting creating new products for the accessories side of RDQLUS. This particular piece is called the "Orbiter" wrist loop because of how it wraps around the wrist twice. I matched this one up with the color scheme to match a pair of my favorite kicks.

3.) The new rendition of "Anna Karenina"… That is all! (yes!)

4.) New client work; developing a new identity for a consultant who is equal parts tech-maven & high-society classy. So developing a monogram was a no-brainer. Custom wrought-iron scrolls that form the letter without the use of a typeface. There will be more from this one real soon.

5.) Stoop Life; it was a good day (Ice Cube style) so a little cool-out moment was in order at the RDQLUS CREATIVE Annex. That's just how we do.