RDQLUS Dropshots; 120210

Rashida… Doom… Gear… Kicks…
Rashida… Doom… Gear… Kicks…
Rashida… Doom… Gear… Kicks…

Good, keep practicing. You'll get the hang of it.
If you've master that, then please—read on!


"What light through yonder window breaks…"; it came rushing over the mountains and diving beyond the panes of my hotel window. I knew this would be the view, so before sleeping I threw the curtains as wide as I could get them and anticipated just such a happening. I was in the Pacific Northwest (one of my favorite areas of the country) to judge the Spokane 'ADDYs' design competition. I hustle hard and work my body and brain to the brink, but the truth is, you'll never hear me complain about any of it. Come on, just look at that—this was a work trip. You kidding me? Let's go!


I love being an identity & branding specialist, but never more than when I get to help good friends who value the work I do. Note: that last part is key—not all friends will "value" the work you do, substituting the word "friendship" for "free." But in this case a dear friend—who's know me for half my life now—came to me for some design work as she's made a name for herself in the musical landscape of Los Angeles CA. So when she approached me with a blank slate to design her new band mark, I was all too set to kick the door in for her. I had recently been working on a style that fit the sound and attitude of the music and the artist, so I was stoked to get into it. Concept: approved! Much more to come on this project, very soon.


I'm a 'Star Wars' geek—fanboy in the highest degree. So when this popped on my screen, I had a full-on hearty laugh and it made my day. I needed this on the particular morning I saw it, and the lunacy of the juxtaposition of visuals captured in this moment are just too perfect. Indeed—"haters gonna hate." So roll thru with this kind of confidence and brush your shoulders off. Bang!


I love to draw parallels between function, form, style and design of similar—yet different—genres and disciplines. Widely panned because of a daring design, the Air Jordan 2009 was a decidedly amazing sneaker featuring finer materials and construction than Minolo Blahnik or Jimmy Choo heels that go for triple the price of this much more substantial (and functional) shoe. I love paying attention to those details, so when someone asks me why I wear sneakers, of tries to denounce my footwear as a class lower than most—trust, that's when they've lost. Have a seat and get schooled, stepping to the "Hvy Crwn" that way.


Yep! That is all.

Love you… Say it back!