Observatorial; 120217

Loving these LASCO steppers.

In a sub-culture of many smaller subs & genres, and part of a larger sub-culture itself, sneakers can no longer face simplistic classifications. As a designer/creative director who aspires to someday get my grubby artistic paws on a project or two for Nike or adidas, in my ritual run to the bookstore to grab periodicals there's always a couple of sneaker mags in the bunch. The typical, expected footwear is always represented, but every so often there are a few pair that stand out and challenge the admirer to make an admission that these are not your 10 year-old's gym shoes.

Take this stunning sneaker from indie upstart LASCO (Los Angeles Shoe Co). Dress-shoe leather in fine finishes and buttery tones, a silhouette not unlike popular, time-tested boot styles, and the comfort pedigree of a sneaker are all qualities of a "kick" made in short very runs; I challenge anyone to say their wingtips or Jimmy Choo(s) are any more well-constructed. And as I've always said, if the spot got hot and moves needed to be made quickly, I'm betting my get-up-and-go is going to be far more effective than your loafer-laden steps. Just saying.