Oh, this should be good!

RDQLUS x NIKEiD - a Special-Edition from Stevie G / RDQLUS on Vimeo.

(click to image play video)

I've never hidden the fact the design, life & style are very important fuel for each other in the RDQLUS camp. Apparently, a few people are paying attention when I say stuff like that? Oops. I gotta watch what I say.

Representatives of Nike's "NIKEiD" program contacted me to try my hand at an iD shoe of my choosing. Did someone say sneakers?! You don't have to ask me twice. But true to form for RDQLUS CREATIVE, I want to have a little bit of story and pedigree instilled into the sneaker I ultimately do the color design for. I'd be lying if I said I didn't have anything prepared. You kidding me? I've waited for something like this since drawing pictured of Air Max running shoes in the 80s. (Hey, Mama… do you still have those?)

I just found out the news over the weekend and had to sit on it for a bit, but I'll be posting pics and a vid explaining what's going down. Many thanks to the good people rep'ing the NIKEiD camp for this opportunity.