EDNEY A.P. "Shooting Shirt"

Regatta race-day inspired brand gear for nautical/adventure photographer, Jen Edney.

Earlier this year I completed the branding & identity for 'EDNEY Adventure Photojournalism' with the idea of better brand opportunities for the talented "mind's eye" behind the lens—Ms. Jen Edney. On top of her visual creative gifts, she is also a very savvy marketer. Jen was excited to bring me the idea of something that would allow her to advertise her business while she had her hands full of equipment, as well as allowing her to fit right in and draw some attention by looking the part of the nautical athletes milling about her regatta photoshoots—yes, you read that right; this lady shoots regattas! (just what did you do today?!) Truth be told she's a nautical athlete herself so not only is it clever, it's completely fitting and authentic.

So I set out to design what I call her "shooting shirt", borrowing the term from court sports and turning a double entendre for the photographer. The "expedition flags" icon is large on the chest, while the "nameplate" mark of the system is high on the shoulders in the back. The back has designated placement for sponsor logos (space is open by the way, get on it). The "nameplate" mark is also used on the sleeves—atop the forearm—for a bit of over-the-top spectacle, but always functional; as she holds her arms up to shoot or forward in any natural reaching position, the name "EDNEY" and website can be seen plainly and clearly draws attention immediately.

Jen called me for a quick cup of coffee and a meet-up to supposedly discuss business, but ambushed me with a preview of our latest creation. Sneaky, sneaky! I walk in to see her standing in the middle of Starbucks flaunting the new shirt and everyone in the packed coffee shop buzzing about it. This client knows how to make her designer's day!