RDQLUS Dropshots; 120615

1) Production meeting w/ Brad Douglas: my guy B.D. is a monster at this creative thing we do. Aside from the day job of user experience design, he creates the ultimate of user experiences—hand-crafted metalwork jewelry, the likes of which you've probably never seen. We met to talk shop, the RDQLUS design of his new brand identity, some products I'm designing in collaboration with him and more. Stay posted for more from Brad.

2) Gerard Pefung is one of the most exciting, young fine artists in the country, let alone the Midwest, let alone right here in "The ONE." So when a friend of the crew asked "G-Pfungk" to do a full piece on the back of his house, facing the pool deck so properly deemed the "Cove," it was a done deal. Even on his own birthday, Gerard happily & effortlessly  moved about the back of the dwelling, taking the occasional pool, food and hops breaks.

3) I love when friends on top of their game in the design field respect something that I do. It's the biggest compliment. My homie Brandon Herbel of 'Common Co.' and the fast-rising apparel brand 'Make Believe' is an incredible designer in his own right. So when he got a project for designing a monogram for streewear boutique 'River City Social Club' he connected with me and asked if I would take a stab at it because of my style with monograms. It's mutual respect, for sure!

4) Mentoring one of my young creative peeps on a very cool project for her senior project in which she is making a quick-reference guide for taking pro-style photography, otherwise known as "iPhonography." Pretty ingenious. I'm glad I have good people like one of my favorite shooters and rabid iPhonographer, Jess Ewald who have shown me the ropes.

5) RGC Pack & Ship… Can't stop, won't stop! The special-edition "Monsta" tees shipped this week, just in time for the HOW Live Design conference in Boston. If you copped one, let me see you rockin' it!

6) Spiders are so sketchy! Laying down a little graphite for a new client identity project for a young duo of apparel & style customizers, with one of the best business names I've heard in a long time… "Spiders & Sprinkles!" Yeah, they already win with that name, so I had come bring the design heat.