RDQLUS Dropshots; 120720

1. Last week was Steve G.'s Birthday Week, which came equipped with treats and meets. My homie Feirin W. is nice on the home-made cupcake game… and yes, that is bacon! What!

2. Grammy-nominated producer Nicolay (of 'The Foreign Exchange') dropped in on "The ONE" to do an amazing set at House of Loom, last Wednesday night. I couldn't believe I was sitting there listening to some of my favorite cuts being blasted out in close quarters by Nicolay and the accompanying jazz trio, the 'Hot At Nights'. Please don't complain that there's nothing to do around here. Just admit that you might be lame for not looking hard enough.

3. Sunday was the first ever "Color Run" 5K here in Omaha. The fun-run, where you get sprayed with vibrant splashes of brightly colored corn starch every 1000 meters, was simultaneously being run in San Francisco and Minneapolis. I had a blast with my family, as my niece led the charge as team captain. Still trying to get that stuff out of my scalp.

4. Kicked off a new identity and branding project for a client in the entertainment industry. There is nothing like seeing sketches and thoughts come to life and having the client be so happy that the hardest part will be whcih one to go with. I love being an identity designer.

5. My office sits atop the boutique agency/gallery space, 'The New BLK', so when something hot is going down the crew goes in force. When word spread that LCD Soundsystem's swan-song concert and documentary "Shut Up and Play the Hits" was playing in town, we mobilized and had a blast. A one-time only showing and a lot of good, creative heads giving off great energy; yeah, that's a good night!

6. Plotting the next moves for RDQLUS Goods & Cloth's "Fall 2012" line, one of the most exciting parts is wondering what concept my RGC shooter Jess Ewald will come up with. I may just let her wear the crown while we shoot too. #power

7. Did I mention, RGCs fall drop is coming? Yeah? Act like you know! This batch is going to be flyness.

8. Tools of the hand-made trade; Over the last couple months I've been developing some custom, hand-finished pieces that are not-so-typical and not for the masses. This particular piece is the RDQLUS "HVYCRWN" logo made into lace "debrays" for shoe-laces. I like to call them "shoelry" for my sneaker aficionados out there. After design, production, finishing touches and a lot of wear-testing, they are finally ready to drop next week. Stay posted for the news.