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1. Posted up: design for a custom, limited-number screen-printed poster to be featured in an upcoming gallery show and benefit event speaking on being involved in social good. The posters will be printed with translucent inks for the effect of overlaid components of the design. I'm a designer first, so I'm honored to have be asked to participate with some really outstanding fine artists.

2. #futureretroclassicsh*t: retro Euro-style identity design concept solicited by a studio collaborator of RDQLUS CREATIVE. I love working with this design shop, as they come to me for the very reason of letting me get open when they need some of that get-openess.

3. Enter My Cipher: perfecting a monogram logo for the identity of a Chicago-area photographer created solely of circles initially and made to visually look uniquely interwoven and locked together. Can't wait to roll this one out fully.

4. The Colour and the Shape; after the approval on the design of a client identity that I'm very stoked on, the finishing touch is the applying the color theory and color design to the mark and brand assets. It's mad challenging, but I love this part almost as much as shaping the logo.