RDQLUS Dropshots; 120803

1). But… what's up with that "Stoop Life?" At the entrance to 'The New BLK' & 'RDQLUS CREATIVE' HQ, there is a classic, old and weathered set of stairs and rails that those who have spent anytime on the East Coast would lovingly call a "stoop." Well, to a band of creative misfits (and so many others) this is our break-room, conference room, lunch room, water-cooler and more. It's also the lounge, so join us for some "Stoop Life." Trust me, you'll love it.

2). There have been many skate shops & streetwear spots in the Omaha Metro area, but never really a truly dedicated streetwear boutique like this, unitl now. 'River City Social Club' sits below the vaunted and renowned 'Liquid Courage Tattoo' and has brought in some major players in the new wave of urban fashion. RDQLUS was instrumental in supporting and getting the shop going, as well as being the first to supply stock to the store with the 'RDQLUS Goods & Cloth' (RGC) imprint. I love to stop in and say "what's up" the staff, but on this day I got a little surprise; Most people talk about being "in the house," but what's up with being on the house? Thanks for the love, RCSC!

3). As a designer, it's no accident that my reach extends well beyond the scope of pencils and pixels. I have long since blurred the line by using my accessories imprint as a testing ground for my artwork and creative direction. Well, the latest—and smallest—idea I've had yet may prove to be the biggest. I've kept the updates flowing about the innovative design I was developing for my sneaker accessories, officially called "debrays" (I call them "shoelry") in the form of my "HVYCRWN" logo. Well they've come to fruition and left on the kicks of a few lucky people.

4). Friend of RDQLUS, my homie Faith "Fay-Fay" L. decided that my "OMAGOODNESS" design needed to be a bit breezier for the summer heatwave that hit the midwest. So she made her own tank-top and scolded me for not having any available. Touché, Fay-Fay… touché.

5). My baristas love me more than yours love you. And yes this is at a Starbucks, so stall out with the "big brother coffee" crap. They show more care and a lot less snooty attitudes than I've encountered at the smaller shops I'm guilted into supporting. It's not the name on the door, it's the people you encounter inside. Thanks, Annie G.!

6). In the what would be considered "underground" music category, few deliver beats, rhymes and life like 'Oddisee'. His brand of production and depth of message is just what these disillusioned ears needed. Spotify continues to pay dividends 100-fold. Don't sleep.

7). Sometimes, the ideas hit you like a lightning bolt. Without even an idea of how I'd utilize this artwork, it hit me as I'm rounding the South 13th Street cloverleaf exit from the interstate. The thought was simply, "Can you recall the moment you realized you were an 'Alpha'?" We are taught that an "alpha" is mean, pushy, cocky, demanding, but I beg to differ on all points. I think those assessments come from those who haven't yet found their "alpha" moment yet. I had to design this, if not just to get it out of my system. But I have a feeling you the world will see it in some form soon.