More High-Quality Hand-Made(s) from RGC

RDQLUS Goods & Cloth Drops the Fall 2012 Gear.

For as long as I can keep it this way, I will always touch everything that goes out the door for RDQLUS Goods & Cloth side of the shop. That connection to the goods & cloth is more true than ever in the RGC Fall 2012 line; the loosely titled "Alpha Collection."

The concept is that of perfection in effort regardless of results, with tee motifs like "Build" and "Never A Flaw." Each product is concepted, printed and produced with deft touch and precision, but a certain subtle character as each item is hand-made which offers variables that make each feel like a 1-off. I even introduce a new custom ink called "Old Coin" which will be featured on many items this season.

Visit RDQLUS Goods & Cloth to have a look at some of the new line. New items will be added throughout the fall season.

Stay Gleaming!