Design is Discovery; 120929

RDQLUS CREATIVE & RDQLUS Goods & Cloth, on the make!

Recently, I've been highly intrigued with my own curiosity and the discovering of new details in previously created things; finding the points missed, simplified ways of creating a top-quality product, and finding innovation—not only in discovering new things, but in discovering new finds in the combining of thing that already exist for other means. Visual and industrial "remixing" if you will.

For instance; a trip to the fabric store for heavy canvas, about an hour at my print studio and a blank rip-stop 5-panel hat yields a new classic streetwear piece that's turning heads with a combination of subtlety and classic boldness. Or how about some 550 paracord rope, a lack of buckles to complete a bracelet attachment, everything being too delicate for my tastes at the craft supply stores and a return to my childhood mentality of adaptation of materials for newly imagined uses convenient to my needs at the time and you get my unseen-before, industrial, 'RDQLUS' twist on the ever-popular paracord bracelet.

Ive said it many times, and will continue to; creativity is not about art, it's a life-skill based in necessity, curiosity and communication of ideas. There's always more to come where this came from, so stay posted.