RDQLUS Dropshots; 120929

(clockwise from top-left)

1. Art is pain? Far be it from me to go too "suffer for your art" but the truth is one must suffer for their ink! I love getting the call from my main tattoo artist, the renowned Dave Koenig of the 'Liquid Courage' crew—who has my lifetime list of ink I want to get—saying, "you got time to come hop in the chair?", and having the blessing of freedom to be able to be in said chair before I could fully respond with "Yes!" The suffering came in having one of my favorite artists/people/great friends giving me the feeling of my arm being sawed off, while talking shit about each other's moms, teasing me because the young lady in the next bay was way tougher than me, and referencing Alphonse Mucha's Art Nouveau style for my conceptual piece—all during a respite in my creative work day. Ah well, art really is pain, all the way around, huh? (PS: I love my new work, Dave. Something only you and I could come up with. Thank you!)
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2. The Almighty Wifebot and I had to rock to her cousin's wedding for the weekend, and despite my t-shirt and denim style (albeit extra "elevated" quality of each) I do like to get especially fresh-dressed-to-impress when the event calls for it. But… you already know I've gotta handle it the RDQLUS way.

3. I bumped into my dear friend—and 5th grade crush—Amy A. in a coffee shop downtown a couple weeks ago and we reconnected on some shared interests and potential creative work. "Insider secret" time: You want to know the way to my heart? Be my 5th grade crush and almost 30 years later, produce a picture that your amazing teacher of a mom cut out (and kept) of my crew & me just after our performance of the "Super Bowl Shuffle" at the school talent show, proving that you actually knew who I was way back then! If you can't do that, then you can't have my heart, because Amy A. has it. Boom.

4. Continuing the nostalgia, it's football season and throughout the country, little boys are acting out the best moves of [insert favorite player's name here] on the "Pop Warner" fields of little-league football. So when one of the guys from the high school where I coach track produced a sweatshirt bearing the name of my old little league team, you can bet there were more than enough stories of grade-school grid-iron glory to go around.

5. It's not always about logos, branding, kerning type and all of that high-minded, snooty stuff that we designers like to politic on. Sometime it's just about the "what the hell…?" of it all. Example: if THIS is how you paint your walls, I have every right to punch you in that face. That is all.