RDQLisms - 131119

How to tell your client's granny to butt-out… respectfully speaking.

This is a little ditty for my fellow creative heads that may come in handy. How many times have we all been faced with the damning retort from a client as their spouse, granny or best-friends thought for sure they had a better solution than your professional work? Truth is, everyone has flashes of brilliance which shouldn't be negated—yes, even granny. Having as much input at your disposal can make you a better creative professional, whether you utilize the information or not.  So here is how I did a gentle, respectful preemptive strike to shed some light on why my client should stay on top of their own decisions about the project:

Remember, this is made for you and your team based on the communication we’ve had, specific to your brand. While other outside opinions are valued, take them with a grain of salt and consider the sources, as they are forming subjective opinions without the benefit of natural context, placement & use.

— Steve G. / RDQLUS