RDQLUS Creates Hub for Footwear Culture

RDQLUS' Stevie G. was asked to creative direct the creation of the footwear-lovers app, "Connoshoer."

RDQLUS has always had roots and consistent participation in style & fashion subcultures as they are in close natural proximity to design & branding. Our own Steve G. has a particular (and well documented) affinity for footwear—high-end sneakers to be exact. That connection to the subculture is what moved Drop Kick Ventures to tap RDQLUS to lead a team to develop an iOS app specific to footwear culture; "Connoshoer" (yes, as in a connosieur of shoes). But in the beginning all there was was a clever name and a loose idea. The rest had to be created nearly from scratch.


As designer & creative consultant (and "patient zero"), RDQLUS had a strong hand in overall concept, user-experience, wireframes & app structure, user-interface design and—of course—handled the identity & brand design of Connoshoer. The general concept is to allow users to document their participation and connection to the culture by building their "closet." The experience is not meant only for sneakers or streetwear, but for footwear of all types. The Connoshoer team also developed a unique, proprietary way to search for footwear on the app, with plans to be able to send the search external to help users find what they are looking for.

There is much more to come about this project, but for now if you use an iOS mobile device, download the app, have a look for yourself, and ask the question; "Are you a 'Connoshoer'?"