RDQLUS Dropshots; 130306

 (clockwise from top-left)

1. Westside High School Girls Track & Field logo design; the design process I use is typically deconstruction/reconstruction, starting with a general concept tailored specifically to my client, the working of the initial concept and then the free-form destruction & reassembly of my own idea during the design process. What results is a final product with the DNA of my client & the initial idea, but a design that literally begged to be seen as my instincts caused shifts during the creation. Sounds kooky, huh? Tell that to our very happy client.

2. My crew is vast, varied and insanely creative. On this particular night, my peoples from the Liquid Courage Tattoo & River City Social Club crews had our holiday party… two months after the last major holiday. That's just how this bunch of misfits gets down (and I love it). Head of the misfit brigade, my homie Devin ordered up a massive New Years Eve-sized bottle of top-shelf sake and announced, "drink up! I want this bottle for the artwork, so I want the sake gone by the time we leave. Needless to say, he got his bottle. Boom.

3. "Throwback Thursday" yields such gems. The Instagram/Twitter hashtag phenomenon pulls up photo memories long since past and we love it. In this particular shot, we see Stevie G in the early days of his career, in his bird-chested, shirtless glory working on audio production and being fairly annoyed with whomever took this shot. Genius at work—do not disturb! (Peep the iMac DV+! Whoa! Top of the line for 1999.)

4. I'm not a Cathol, but my wife's family is full of them. We get so serious about our Fish Fry-days! 'Holy Name' Fish Fry… Nuff said.

5. CONNOSHOER—the app that RDQLUS CREATIVE was tapped to creative direct and help develop—went live and I couldn't be happier. From the design to the tag-line writing ("Every Step is a Statement"), we had our hands deep in birthing this one. If you dig footwear, check the iOS app in the iTunes App Store.