"So Shaheed, Come in with…"

[If you know the song, you know where we're heading with this.]


About a year ago, a great "Friend of RDQLUS" (Sean O. Williams of OSDLive.com) reached out saying that he had a potential client referral that would be a great opportunity to work with a legend and he trusted RDQLUS' work & creative direction. When things were slow to develop, it wasn't a really big surprise. No. That came a year later when that call finally did come through.

So when Ali Shaheed Muhammed—DJ & producer of the legendary hip hop group 'A Tribe Called Quest'—did finally ring, to say I was floored would be an understatement. What followed was once of the most pleasant client experiences I've ever had, with a very insightful, creative-minded, and just plain nice person. More to come, soon.