RDQLUS Dropshots; 150125

"Gone for a minute… now I'm back with the jump-off!"

row 1, left to right;
1. "We are not here to take part… "We are here to take over!" // This quote (and mantra) by MMA pro, Conor McGregor immediately stung my ears when it rolled off of his tongue in an interview. I'm not the biggest watcher of MMA, but the personalities are both hilarious and intriguing when they strike me as very authentic. Full disclosure; I feel exactly the same way, which is also a reason I loved the quotable!

2. Never one to section off one aspect of my life from the other—as I feel they inform and fuel one another—this particular personal project melds two of my "worlds" together; athletic & design careers. A social media acquaintance and long-time RDQLUS supporter is instrumental in running the "family jewels" biz (no, really—literally)! I recently reached out to my guy Alex (@alexdiamonds) of 'Ashoori & Co. Jewelers' [Visalia CA] to ask about the capabilities of designing a new, custom championship ring to commemorate my (2) NCAA triple jump national championships & world-ranking from my track & field career. The custom of rings for team champions is ages old, but not all collegiate programs are able to pony-up for a single ring for an individual champion. He responded most enthusiastically, saying that it was not only a possibility, but that it was on! Stay tuned as I document and report on this exciting process. People who think social media is wasteful child's play have no idea how to use it effectively.

3. Shouts out to 'Which 'Wich' for their "Spread the Love" program, which feeds shelters on a basis that if you buy a PB&J sammie, they send one to a local shelter that they are connected with. I always order one, whether I am hungry for one or not… because someone out there is hungry for anything. Cheers, and kudos!

row 2, left to right;
4. Accidental beauty is a reward all its own. Just felt like sharing this "oops" snap that happened through the mesh of a pair of jogging pants. Is that an iPhone 6+ in your pocket, or are you… yes, both. ;-)

5. I love when client work goes screamingly well, in comparison to what you anticipated. On top of that the client input has been so on-point and enjoyable—a vibe that will show through in the final brand pedigree, rich storytelling and identity design. Excited about this one for multiple reasons.

6. For the "Connoshoer" only. // The Adidas "miZXFlux" app is an amazing leap forward for the customization of consumer goods, by the consumer, for the consumer, directly to the consumer, giving new meaning to bespoke and custom. A couture feel for the rubber-bottom set that puts sneaker lovers on par with the highest of fashionistas. Yes, please! These here are my ode to Tolkien's "Silmarillion"; the "Valar" (left) & "Eldar" (right) aka the RDQLUS x Adidas "Valinor" Pack. Sneaker geekdom is strong with the "HVYCRWN!"

row 3, left to right;
7. Acting a little sketch. // the sketch collection for a recent client turned out amazingly well. Dubbed the "Maison de Kensington" collection, one whole page of fashion-inspired sketches were cut into a 4-piece diptych to be framed as wall art for a young lady's room. Stoked to hear the reaction on this one.

8. Fresh off of her first order with online retailer Net-a-Porter, a fellow coffee patron received "welcome kit" to get your measurements for proper sizing for shopping. Knowing my appreciation for style and my own small amounts of cut-and-sew, she drove around since before Christmas with it in her car and gifted me her welcome kit & measuring tape. That's just too, too good. 

9. Tasked to "do what you do," is always a fun proposition for RDQLUS. Art Deco styling and the challenge of intricate monogramming is just another day in the "Life & Times of RDQLUS." These up and coming music industry bosses have genuinely altruistic aims in an industry built on "look at me" mentality. Of course RDQLUS was all too happy to contribute proper identity creation to that.