RDQLUS Dropshots; 130810

"My Own Summer"


Your guy has been busy this summer, taking RDQLUS all over the country in-tow behind my multi-faceted prism of a life. But the travels are done and for now and the work has always been getting done. The truth is, the work is more on point than ever when I'm out in the world making life earn its keep! Let's get back on these RDQLUS "Dropshots" and show you what I've been up to.

(clockwise from top-left)

1. One of the most exciting projects I've had the privilege of working on the past few years is just wrapping up. Let's set the serendipitous scene; a land development firm from Chicago, working with an urban revitalization company in my hometown to develop a desolate inner-city area into thriving new planned community, only (2) blocks away from where I grew up… and who do they call for much needed—and crucial—naming, identity design & brand development? Yep.

2. I love creating new & custom design from existing shapes and elements. the ultimate exercise involving that skill is the development of a monogrammed letter from non-alphanumeric shapes. This one will be for the identity of a new online style & cosmetology boutique.

3. More monogramming using unconventional forms to build lettering. This project is the second piece of work I've gotten to do for the legendary DJ of 'A Tribe Called Quest', Ali Shaheed Muhammed.

4. A quick stop thru Chicago brought up my standard ground rules for when I'm in "The 'GO"; a) smash on some Giordano's, and then b) anything goes.

5. The better part of June & July was spent traversing the country with my track & field training group—Tachyon Athletik, taking the young track stars I coach to various championships & competitions; culminating at the USATF National Trials & the USATF Junior Olympic Nationals. I came home tired, drained and clinically exhausted—but with several ranked All-Americans in tow.

6. And of course there will be kicks! I have waited for the much anticipated Adidas "Spring Blade" runners all summer. When they finally dropped they caused much noise. Upon donning my own pair, I was floored. Design, technology, innovation, form following function, and design (yep, said it twice); this shoe makes me geek-out on all levels!