Whole City on My Back

Last year I had the pleasure of meeting one of the hardest working, most genuine artists in all of hip hop—and perhaps the whole music industry; hip hop's self-proclaimed, voter-backed president, MURS. He makes a yearly appearance in my city, "The ONE" aka Omaha NE, and its a must see show every time. Last year this time, I presented him with a tee from my RG&C line thinking that typical of most international stars he'd forge pt or trash it no sooner than I'd turn to leave. But hey, I made the gesture, right?

Fast forward to this year and MURS is back for another show, and as per usual I'm stoked and in attendance—front row. He hops on stage in a dark hoodie and rocks his first track with force, leaving us in an early frenzy. I had snapped and pic earlier and was texting it to a jealous friend who could attend. That's when I heard the gasping and cheers from the maddened crowd. I looked up to see a sight that will never leave my memory; MURS had removed the hoodie to expose the tee I gave him a year ago—"OMAGOODNESS!" Yes. Oh my goodness, indeed. He had no only remembered, but made the effort to pack this shirt before disembarking from his Los Angeles home-base. I'm stunned the rest of the show, but as I throw my hands up in elation he makes eye contact with me during the set, points me out and smiles his famously wide grin.

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