Refresh & Re-Design with Restraint: SheLa Boutique Branding

It's no secret that RDQLUS CREATIVE is a fan of style & fashion, regardless of the target gender or demographic. The identities, branding, marketing, and of course the products themselves are all something that resonates in the RC camp. So when RDQLUS was approached by She•La—a well-known, high-end women's boutique with a loyal following—for a re-design of their identity, I jumped at the opportunity. But therein was the rub; refreshing a brand with a loyal following always makes me take a step back and ask, "Is this necessary?" Indeed it was, but not in a destructive manner, so on what vector would I approach this problem and offer the proper solution?

The most important thing was to modernize the look, but not by throwing the previous identity away in lieu of something totally new, nor by gaudily adding more "look" to the mark and brand. In this case there were simple things that I believed would keep the loyal following almost unaware of any major changes, yet drawn in even deeper to the brand by enhancing their connection to it.

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