You SO suck at Photoshop...

... at least that's what 'Donnie' says! Okay, so what do you call this? Reality Web? Loosely-scripted Action Internet? The site 'My Damn Channel' is a YouTube type of video site where the users can publish their own content. But this particular channel is a strange and wonderful find. Welcome to the "Big Fat Brain" channel.

This guy 'Donnie' puts up snarky, sarcastic vids but the trick is that you learn in the form of tutorials and tips. So getting a new trick in Photoshop is entertaining because there are crazy commentaries going on in the background. Whatever it is, it's hilarious AND potentially helpful because the the tips are real, although more for the beginner rather than the more pro user. Funny nonetheless.

More vids at 'My Damn Channel'

Thanks to Shawn "The Donut" of AdPulp for the point & click.

-Steve G., get-away driver for RDQ