From L.A. to the Beethoven

I can't see myself rocking these but I love things that poke humor at themselves and the glamourized lifestyle of the big ballers out there. Now trust, I grew up street-level and have an affinity for hot sneakers, good beats in my trunk and my Jesus-piece & chain… but I never did go in for the heavy diamonds or platinum status. I'm a stainless-steel guy myself. So these silly baubles, from the AMBUSH line fronted by MC Verbal of the Teriyaki Boyz slay me!

AMBUSH Beethoven Pendants

The internationally-known music crew Teriyaki Boyz are known perhaps as much for their wild-out hip-hop-via-Harajuku style fashion sense as their music. Fronted by the ethereal recluse and street stylisto, Nigo—the man behind the A Bathing Ape/BAPE empire—have been at the center of the influx of Japanese street fashion flooding into the States the last number of years.

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