Is Pepsi Sniffin' Coke?

Hmmm… how to start this? "Dear Pepsi…"

I'm not a big soda drinker now but was in the past. Besides it's always cool to check the lens-flared, faux-moistured, drop shadowy goodness that is the visuals of the drink industry on the whole. No sarcasm. It's the only place you can get away with a lot of graphic design no-no(s) and have it work.

Ahhh but Pepsi. The new logo… Why run your old—but albeit, tried and true—logo thru a simple fish-eyed lens excersize? here's the equation: Logo + Photoshop spherize = new logo. Yeah… not so much. And then why make the other sub-brands suffer the same fate. That's like punishing me for what my parents did. Not my fault, yo!

Honestly, I like the Sierra Mist can. That's really dope. But to spread the new (& very weak attempt at minimalism) Pepsi branding across the entire drink platform is a mistake! C'mon, who's really gonna DO the DEW now. That is not "EXTREME", to quote the chodes from 'Harold & Kumar'

Have a look and have an opinion. This is a good Friday "beer30" banter topic, especially if you have a student or intern. It's not right or wrong, but everyone will have an opinion for the discussion.

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