Get Your "Swagger" Up!

Aw man, I'm a sucker for cheeky humor and pokin' a little fun at one's own self. Old Spice, who's been around for decades and had to over come an image something close to English Leather (everyone's dad had a bottle of the English!) has done some fn reinvention of the brand image.

It starte with the perfection that was the Bruce Campbell commercial and rolled from there. The new Swagger ads that have been running are flat out hilarious. My fave being LL Cool J… "Now look at me… NICE!"

Happy friday from RDQLUS, go forth and laugh your happy arse off!


An honor duEL! (love how he throws the cap! LOL!)

Ice cream… yep!

And of course… The BRUCE!

Peep the painting… that's how he rolls! And, rolls and rolls and rolls!