The RDQLUS Drop: 88-Keys

This cat is ridiculously talented and and complete breath of fresh air! Harlem MC/Producer is on some madness! imagine a less self-agrandizing Kanye West + the art of story-telling sensabilities like Outkast + old school vibes of A Tribe Called Quest. He writes, spins, produces and sings in that fun André3000 sort of way. Dude is a street Renaissence Man, with mad style and a breakout humor that allows him to transcend.

His latest release that I stumbled upon is "Death of Adam"; a particularly skillful exibition of lyricism and production. But there's something special here—the cat can tell a hell of a story. No, you're not hearing me… The whole disc is a storyline following the troubles of a man weaving thru the landscpe of relationships and troubles.

Peep and then cop… sleep if you want, but I wouldn't!