-- RDQLUS Sounds Like… That Good Hip Hop --

As you'll come to find, I'm an extreme audiophile. Clean it up! That means I digs the music, music of all types to be exact. But I most assuredly got my start with my music love affair at the house of Hip Hop. Not the silly, fake radio "rap" you hear on radios and MTV. I'm talking about the movement, the sound, the style that spawned an entire sub culture of American life. Rock has "indie", Hip Hop has "underground"

Well, while "diggin' in the crates" (a term meaning searching for good sounds stemming from DJ culture), I came upon great examples of the deepest level of hip hop. Indie and underground MCs and DJs doing thoughtful, thought-provoking, clever music with wordplay on the level of the most lauded poet.

Not to mention, the album art is often very cool. These are some gems, old and new, that I'm rocking at the moment:
De La Soul - Stakes is High (1996)
-classic track: 'Stakes is High'

Black Sheep - A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing (1992)
-classic tracks: 'The Choice Is Yours (Revisited)' & 'Similak Child'

Vast Aire – Dueces Wild (2008)
-hot track: 'T.V. Land'