A RDQLUS Style Haven: ClassicKicks, NYC

If you know me, you know I'm a 'sneakerhead'. Now careful, Mr. Wingtips… We're talking high style, baby! So I have a few low-key spots on the sneaker underground that I like to get to for artistic inspiration & retail therapy. Sadly , a few of the places even know me by my style preferences and that kicks I buy and I don't even live in these cities! Whoa.

I usually hit New York City a few times a year and when I do there is a standing list of must-do(s) for a quasi-native:
1. grab a slice at Pisa Pizza & a cider at the Gael Pub on the UES, down the block where my childhood peeps now stay
2. cop my unlimited 7-day MetroCard because I gets my transit on, majorly

Ah yes, and now a return to the Classics

Classickicks, located at… haaaaaa, you actually thought I'd tell you? You can easily find out but have the fun is the search, so NO! What was I saying? Oh, right… On the lower edge of the East Village, down a narrow side street sits Classickicks. Known mostly for the sickest collection of Vans and classic Nikes, this shop has major custom sneaker love on brew like a hot pot. From the moment you step inside, the staff is laid back but helpful and one of the guys always recognizes me and gives love when I bounce thru the door. You know it's an underground spot when you can get any photos of the interior or the staff.

Classickicks often gets rare styles and colors of Vans classics like the Sk8, Chukka and Half Cab, and have recently done a few collaborations with the legendary skate company. Proudly, I personally own the Classickicks x. Vans Chukka.

You can't miss the shop if you find the right path; from the flag haning outside to the blaze red interior and wire-hung displays. Tell'em Steve G. aka RDQLUS sent you. May not work but then again…

Two hard to find things: a bathroom in lower Manhattan & Classickicks! Thanks Crate+Barrel