("Stereo Lab, the Golden Receiver" Qee vinyl toy, designed by RDQLUS… holding down the beat laboratory)

Sometimes a former life comes back—in a good way—reminding me of my journey as a well-rounded and true 'creative', sparking up some of that good mojo that makes me who I am. After getting a Facebook message from an old friend from one of the lives of a previous incarnation of "Stevie G", I was called upon to fire up my musical side and hammer out a remix track. Yes, remix as in music. As the producing outfit 'DUSTLAB' & the crowd-rocker DJ 'Psyrendust', I loved the skill and atmosphere and always on point. I even had a brief legit music industry career that, to this day, I wonder about. Not in regret but more "what if…?"

So after much thought and mental maneuvering, I flipped the switches that brought all of my electronics to life—and made the local power company quite happy— and set about getting lost in the button taps and knob-twists that I used so many times in making a hall full of humanity roar to vibrant, kinetic life. Yes, I still have all of my equipment. Perhaps sadly looking to the horizon for a return to the game? Who knows. Maybe it just cost too much to get rid of?

So… Where's the track you ask? Still under consideration so I have to hold off on that. But rest assured, I rocked it as is my norm. As soon as I can post, I'll do a follow up.

'Til then… here's some other beats from that former life. The DUSTLAB Project

-Stevie G