Cer-Té'nly a Nice Project.

Well it has been a little bit since my last post, but trust I've missed you. So I'm back at you with some goodness!

Once again, I had the good fortune of collaborating with my dear friend, the most awesome Rebecca Leigh Brian, and her bi-coastal studio Tribecca Designs. This go round, Tribecca's long-standing client was a fantastic caterer and boutique cafe by the name of Cer Té. Having made a name in catering their current storefront location was an energetic mix of catering, walk-in sack-lunch'ers and sit-down diners. The back dining area seems miles away from the bustling street not but a few steps away. So as you sit and sip an espresso and look over your menu, you're happily greeted by warm, friendly staff and you really are transported to another place right in the middle of the Big City. Can you tell I've been there and I LOVE it?!

I was commissioned to work on a series of drawings that would then be made into poster art that would hang in the dining area of their storefront location on West 55th in Manhattan, NYC. Naturally, I jumped at the chance, creating loosely styled "art nuveau" drawings that would soon become the posters that would hang in the dining area. The idea was to visually transport the customers to other nondescript places around Europe lending to the ambiance of the dine in experience at Cer Té. The result was a series of (4)-18" x 24" posters and (1)-40" x 32" poster matching the style, color and vibe of the cafe itself.

Thanks to Rebecca L. Brian, Tribecca Designs and the good people at Cer Té for the opportunity to work on such a great project. Drop in and see them if you're in the area, have a mocha and send pictures if you have a chance. ;-)

Cer Té
20 W 55th Street
New York, NY

Tribecca Designs

(Thx Rebecca B.!)

I will update this post when I have some pictures of the posters as they hang in their natural environment. Stay tuned...