'Masterworks'?! Yep, That Sounds RDQLUS!

A few months back, I was thrilled to hear that RDQLUS would have work featured in the upcoming annual LogoLounge 5. For any identity designer, getting a spot in such a well known compilation is a good feeling. Like it or hate it, at least they recognized it. So as I'm checking my email I just about trashed a notice from LogoLounge… I mistakenly thought it to be an old email popping up. Luckily I gave it one more read...

RDQLUS is to have two logos featured in the new "Masterworks" series developed by LogoLounge. The first iteration of the series is to be deemed "Initials & Crests". The first logo to be featured is a joint effort designed with talented designer and all-around awesome-dude, Travis Bellinghausen, currently creative lead at Corporate3 Design in Omaha, NE. The design, the "VNDK8 Grandroyal Crest", was one of the featured marks for our apparel & style brand 'VNDK8 Freestyle' (which is making a return this summer… stay tuned). Travis & I had a lot of fun bouncing this crest back and forth on what started as just a t-shirt design.

The next RDQLUS logo to get the call up to the 'Masterworks' is the mark for "Back Roads & Beaches", an outdoor recreation initiative organized by the Lorain County Visitors Bureau of Lorain Co., Ohio. Lorain Co. plays host to amazing outdoor rec activities and their big draw is the fact that in the square mileage of this one county, bordering the south shore of Lake Erie, there is beaches, road bike and cross-country mountain bike trails and plentiful opportunity for nature walks/hiking/climbing.

Thanks to LogoLounge for the inclusion, and really, thanks to all of my clients past, present and future who think getting a little RDQLUS ain't such a bad thing.

Steve G.