A brilliant young thinker and "Friend of RDQLUS" approached me to fashion an identity in line with his upcoming endeavor. Jon Husted is one of the most open-minded and talented young thinkers I've ever met. Superbly talented as a writer, photographer, and burgeoning creative director, Jon is a "techie" with a mind for all things new and pension for all things classic.

With 'CONCEPTORQUE' he will put this wealth of talent and skill to work, so I wanted to give him a look that was a bit 50's sci-fi but not so much that it was dated and not relevant now and in years to come as his project grows. The mark represents a new take on old motifs of putting in work and reaching that "aha!" moment went an idea comes to the point of action.

It's a little hush right now, but keep an eye out for this one. He's destined to blowup.