RDQLUS CREATIVE: Corrie & Andrey Photographers, Pricing Sheet Design

I was contacted by the very talented duo of photographers, Corrie and Andrey Photographers, to have a sit down and discuss how RDQLUS CREATIVE might be able to help sharpen their identity and help their brand gain a little focus in the market. To ease into the process and have a jumping off point, we chose to go with a revision of their Sr. Photo pricing sheet showing their products and offerings mainly aimed at high school girls looking to get high-end, "model for a day" fashion shoot style sr. photos.

Initially the pricing sheet was (3) separate loose pieces that bore a slight resemblance to each other and truly didn't establish their identity or brand. These pieces were also available for download and desktop printing at the customer's leisure. this posed a problem in the degradation of what little branding was established because of limitations outside of their control such as print quality, margins/lack of bleed and color vs. black and white. Also, (3) sheets of loose paper with no binding just wasn't a cohesive pricing package. The overall look and feel was not particularly alluring to their desired customer base, so that would be an additional challenge to get the aesthetic to be a bit more attractive to their desired clientele.

before getting RDQLUS:


The RDQLUS solution was to take the information down to a 1-fold, 4-panel brochure with the ability to be printed either duplexed, front & back or as a two-sheet print out. There are no bleeds or margin interruptions, so on the customer side there is no worry about the output.

By establishing a color palette much closer to their identity (which was already in play) we were able to get the overall vibe geared more toward young ladies. Couple that with the use of floral elements and their own scroll artwork we now had a look that was locked in on current trends in teen fashion and style.

after being treated RDQLUS'ly:

I was also able to contribute copywriting assistance with titles, subtitles and verbiage throughout the piece, which aided in the overall "model for a day" messaging that the client wanted to portray.


I'd like to thank Corrie and Andrey Photographers Corrie and Andrey Photographers for their cooperation and willingness to dive in and give some new thought to focusing the look of their product offerings by solidifying their identity and branding. RDQLUS CREATIVE looks forward to working with them again in the future.