New Stationery Design for INDIE IMAGES

Photographer and "Friend of RDQLUS" Nancy Dobler approached me to do a cost-effective and simple stationery design for her new start-up photography outfit. With an Art Deco-style identity and a measured and graceful personal style, I wanted to give Ms. Dobler something just as stout and clean with very high-contrast. The card is 12pt thickness, with a full UV gloss on the information side. To add a mysterious touch of style and subtle bravado, much like Ms. Dobler herself, I designed the back of the card to have a clear spot UV on matte black for both a textural and visual contrast, taking the fact that there is no color–other than black and white–to a next level, adding a fully visible element using no color at all.

All was done with cost and utility in mind as print budget was a major concern. In the end, there was a happy client and a final production that I was proud to hand over.