RDQLUS Plays Well with Others.

RDQLUS CREATIVE is set up to be able to work not only with my own list of direct clients, but—equally as importantly—I work with many studio & agency entities to do work for their amazing clients. For this Communication Friday, I wanted to show a bit of work that I've been up to over the last quarter of '09 and into this new turn of the calendar. Enjoy, and there's more where that came from.

Good "Friends of RDQLUS", Tribecca Designs (New York City) called me with a need for a unique take for a strong client of theirs that manages taxi cab identifications (called: "medallions"). A fun one to work on this logo tended toward an almost cinematic era of NYC Art Deco and the more romantic times for taxis as the main mode of transportation. Happy clients right down the line.

Omaha Public Schools (Omaha, NE) will soon roll out a new program aimed at giving young minority students a more in-depth look at the impact that their cultures have had on the Omaha area and regionally throughout the Midwest. The "Making Invisible Histories Visible" program will use more culturally traditional means of gathering spoken histories, recipes, conversations with community elders and hands-on exploration that delves deeper than shallow archival information. With this information in hand, RDQLUS was set about the task of shaping a youthful—yet serious—new face for the endeavor.

When my personal a dear friend called in need of a favor for her 7yr old niece's dance troop, "Fusion", it took all of 2 seconds to agree to help. I know and agree with the rule of doing business with family, but the truth is there are sometimes when the call is bigger than the rule. This one was a favor for a friend that has literally put a roof over my head and food in my belly without question or fail when I was in need. So sometimes in life you have to pay it forward, willingly and gladly. It's not that I think it's award-winning, but that it was just a labor of love and an exercise in working very light, and very fast. And if you knew all the love and support this friend has shown me… it's already heavily paid for and I still owe. ;-)

More to come stay, tuned…
Stevie G.