You Know Damn Write!

Faber-Castell proves that "extra" is in thought, not materials.

Customer service is one thing… inspiring customer discipleship is a whole different level. And I now have proof that it doesn't take "more" to inspire more. I've recently heard it said that master-level is not in the bells-n-whistles of gaudy extras, but rather in the editing down to the core of what is most effective and doing the hell out of it. Well, I tip my hat to you, Faber-Castell.

Anyone who knows me, knows I'm a huge fan of writing utensils (plus, I'm egotistically a fan of my own handwriting). Faber-Castell has always been a favorite pen company, due to their quality across the entire price-range. Well, I recently cracked the barrel on a mid-level priced pen, which happened to have been a gift—so I was a bit distraught about what to do. I kept the broken pen for months, not knowing what to do. Finally, on the suggestion of the boutique retailer where I bought the pen, I sent a short letter, the receipt, original packaging and busted pen to Faber-Castell's service department. My hope was simply to see if there was a chance that the pen could be repaired.

Only three weeks went by—damn near instantaneous, by snail-mail customer service standards—and this is how Faber-Castell responded;

A package shows up to my door. A fully boxed package. Mind you, I sent the busted pen to then in a bubble-wrapped envelope.


Inside, I find a hand-written letter from Renée M. Lamb, supervisor customer service. Yes, a real person! And when I say hand-written, I do mean written in the most beautiful script, in the smoothest of ink—sure to be from an F-C pen.


Under the note was a brand new version of the carbon-fiber barreled beauty that I had damaged. A stunning pen, to say the least. What's more, two catalogs of their finest and most innovative pen offerings. How did Renée know I'd dig this addition as much as my new pens… Fine-writing clairvoyance? And the topper to it all was the smallest, least-costly yet most significant detail; a refill for my new… umm, old… pen.


If I was merely a fan before, I am a disciple now—carrying the word of Faber-Castell far and wide. Convert your scribing tools, lest ye be damned! Now let it be said, I would never take advantage of this level of service, nor would I approve of anyone doing so. Part of having this level of classy company, is the level of classy customer… just saying.

And to Renée, specifically; thank you. It is not lost on me, the smallest of details that probably took minimal effort, yet pointed and careful thought that most companies leave to spreadsheets, warehouses of conveyor belts and computerized fulfillment programs. You took the time and so I'd like to take the time to thank you. I'm "F-C" for life!