RDQLUS Won't Stop Givin' L.A. Props!

Or should we say the "EL dot AY dot!"

"EL dot AY dot!" RDQLUS Limited-Edition

It's been a pair of years since I bounced out and did a fade route to the corner of the country, but we are about to make that happen. I'll be roaming the Coty of Angels during 'Design Week' (holla' at ya boy if you see me in the streets), and I thought to myself, how about I do a tee showing a quick bit of love for a place I'm fond of, but dip it in that RDQLUS flavor? So I rocked the "EL dot AY dot!" Pack, and—since it's the convergence of the football and baseball seasons—the pack rolls out in the home-team colors… all of 'em! So take your pick from this "Flash Stash" in the 'SHOP', and I'll see you when I'm "movin' on the Left!"

"EL dot AY dot!" Home Team Pro Pack

"EL dot AY dot!" Home Team College Pack